I had a significant health crisis in January of 2022. I was so tired of being bumped around from one "available provider" to another anonymous "available provider" that I decided to join a concierge practice. That was the best decision I've made in a very long time. I was able to meet with Dr. Skurcenski within a few days of my event for an intake appointment that took 90 minutes. It is a rare thing in the current health care landscape to feel like someone knows you and cares about your well-being. Dr. Skurcenski followed up our first appointment with a number of individualized recommendations moving forward with a plan of care. For example; I had been on Lipitor 80 mg for a decade. Dr. Skurcenski introduced me to research that demonstrates that Crestor is better for women. I switched to Crestor and within a few months my LDL was markedly lower. She included me as a partner in my own healthcare. She helped me find a new cardiologist who also has a small practice and would bother to know me as an individual. I have had numerous appointments with Dr. Skurcenski since January to systematically implement an individualized plan of care. We have exchanged emails and phone calls. I have a warm welcome every time I walk into the office. If you feel like a little-bitty ball being bounced around inside a useless bureaucratic pin-ball machine, then I cannot recommend highly enough considering this practice.

Marti D., Skurcenski Primary Care patient

Dr. Skurcenski is the premier medical provider in Central PA— a brilliant, caring doctor with a great bedside manner. She takes the time to understand and research your individual medical issues, and then explains the best way to manage them. Her proactive approach to good health included a screening that revealed a previously undiscovered heart issue in an otherwise healthy patient. I cannot thank her enough for her genuine concern for my overall health and well being. I highly recommend Dr. Alison Skurcenski as your primary care physician.

Catherine B., Skurcenski Primary Care patient

I became Dr. Skurcenski’s patient while seeking answers and support for health issues and questions associated with perimenopause, and it was the right decision. Starting with my very first visit, I immediately felt like I was receiving a greater, more thorough level of care than I had formerly received elsewhere. Her collaborative approach makes me feel well cared for and more confident about my health decisions. When I have questions, she is available. In addition, her staff is knowledgeable, efficient, and attentive. I have recommended her to friends and will continue to do so.

Nancy A., Skurcenski Primary Care patient

I’m very happy to have found Dr Skurcenski! She is very personable and takes her time with me at every appt or phone call.
Texts and emails are answered quickly. She is very thorough and has found a few things of concern that we have addressed and followed up on to improve my overall health and well being.
I trust her and highly recommend her.

Christina C., Skurcenski Primary Care patient

Dr Alison provides high quality health services focused on improving your well being. She is open to emerging learnings regarding your health, taking the necessary time with you, and is very responsive.

Jim G., Skurcenski Primary Care patient

I had been a patient at my family practice for 30 years. Yet I could no longer see a physician. My primary care physician had become a nurse practitioner. I got 15 minutes every year. There was no coordination of my lab work. Tele-visits were scheduled and I dialed in but the practitioner often never did. I was recommending my own treatment options. Prescriptions were lost. I began to rely on urgent care for almost all my medical needs so there was no continuity in my health care. My system wasn’t working – at all – as I was aging and needed a partner in preserving my health. By chance a friend introduced me to Dr. Skurcenski and I knew I needed to change practices. And what a breath of fresh air. Not only did Dr. Skurcenski take care of all the medical housekeeping needs, she researched my issues, recommended options, and I was on the path to much better physical and emotional health. Until I got shingles and I had never been so sick. Dr. Skurcenski literally battled round the clock for me and kept me out of the hospital. My husband and I are ever so grateful for Dr. Skurcenski’s care - routine and emergency. Everyone should have a Dr. Skurcenski.

Cynthia M., Skurcenski Primary Care patient"